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         Town Election Results      School Election Results


Results for the March 19, 2021 recount for Town and School District Articles


Campbell 407   Fitton 399    Cahill 214  -  Campbell declared the winner


Yes  593            No  594              Article 3 failed


Click Here for 2021 Raymond Voters' Guide


Town Warrant Articles

Article   1 - Town Candidates
Article   2 - Zoning - Amend.   1: Wetlands - 2.9.1
Article   3 - Zoning - Amend.   2: Amend Purposes of Conservation
Article   4 - Zoning - Amend.   3: Shoreland Protection Area Boundaries
Article   5 - Zoning - Amend.   4: Increase Wetland Setbacks in Conservation District
Article   6 - Zoning - Amend.   5: Remove Sewer Overlay District
Article   7 - Zoning - Amend.   6: Accessory Dwelling Units
Article   8 - Zoning - Amend.   7: Agriculture
Article   9 - Zoning - Amend.   8: Change Definition of Agriculture
Article 10 - Zoning - Amend.   9: Add Nuisance Definitions
Article 11 - Zoning - Amend. 10: Workforce Housing
Article 12 - Operating Budget/Default Budget
Article 13 - Capital Improvements
Article 14 - CRFs (Water Revenues)
Article 15 - Mosquito Control
Article 16 - Town of Raymond Scholarship Fund
Article 17 - 4th of July 2021 Community Event
Article 18 - Social Service Agencies
Article 19 - Waste Disposal Special Revenue Fund (Fund 18)
Article 20 - Shim and Overlay Special Revenue Fund
Article 21 - Road Reconstruction Projects
Article 22 - Establish Contingency Fund
Article 23 - Sick & Vacation Non-Union Expendable Trust Fund
Article 24 - Sick & Vacation Union Expendable Trust Fund
Article 25 - Elderly Exemption Increase & Revaluation Adjustment
Article 26 - Blind Exemption Revaluation Adjustment
Article 27 - Disabled Exemption Revaluation Adjustment
Article 28 - Disabled Veterans Credit Increase
Article 29 - One Time or Cyclic Procurement CRF
Article 30 - Road Revitalization CRF
Article 31 - Facility Revitalization CRF
Article 32 - Establish Town Vehicle & Equip. Revitalization CRF
Article 33 - Establish Emergency Management Revitalization CRF
Article 34 - Establish CRF for the Purchase of 10 Old Fremont Road (Bean Tavern)
Article 35 - Cemetery Plot Fees Maintenance Fund
Article 36 - Closure of Designated Cemetery Expendable Funds
Article 37 - Citizen Petition - Restrict Commercial Signs for Cannabis, Marijuana, etc.
Article 38 - Citizen Petition - Restrict Commercialization of Marijuana & Marijuana Products

School Warrant Articles

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